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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Wrong Way to Cook

Long day, really. Got up, took Geoffie to the doc for her checkup (she is, as the doc said, disgustingly healthy. All she's got to worry about is some itchy skin and an underbite, so basically she's me as a teenager.)  Then I took the kids to the pool while I did my early aqua class and then we played for half-an-hour after. (This turned out to be too long, because even after some serious sunblock application, Squish crisped at the edges. I need to remember--blue-eyed red-head. We're lucky she didn't turn into a giant blister and burst.)

Fun-- but extra time in the pool is extra exhausting.  We got home and went to buy shoes. I know that sounds like my kids are totally spoiled, but fact is, Squish was still wearing winter boots--and they were getting both old AND small, and pretty hot!

So they both needed flip-flops and tennis shoes and, well, there were these Skechers with Luke and Leia on them, like from the original Star Wars poster? They were a half-a-size big for Zoomboy, but seriously, the boy is 5'2" and a size 9 in the 7th grade. I think he's good for it before September. And if he isn't, Chicken might steal them when she comes to visit. I asked Mate if he could wear them, but he said--and I quote, "No, because I'm a legitimate 10."

-.-  "So, like, he's an illegitimate 10. Doesn't that make him, like, a 9?"

"Shut up. I mean my feet are too big for them."

"Sure. Cause you're a legitimate 10."

Uh, yeah. Sarcasm. We own it here.

Anyway, so I got about four hours of sleep last night, and had a busy day, and after about an hour of Coraline when we got home (because world's most beautiful movie) I had to go nap.  I woke up two hours later, dazed and drooling, and starving. 


I stumbled into the kitchen and made myself an English muffin and threw a bag of Brussel sprouts in the microwave and then tried to wrap my head around something to eat for the rest of the humans.

Now, usually, I can do this. I can. I've written articles and essays on how to just chuck shit in a pan for my family. But this time...

Maybe it was the sun, or the fun, or the shoes (I got a couple of pairs--their flip-flops are THE BEST) and maybe it was the nap, but I couldn't brain.  What I ended up with was... well, ground beef, potatoes, spaghetti sauce, olives and cheese served over bread.  Mate came in to help me and salted it all one more time, and...



But you know what? He dressed my Brussel Sprouts and went and got me root beer after dinner. I'm not complaining, and anyone who didn't want to eat "potato hamburger surprise it's spaghetti!"could make himself some soup. And Zoomboy did.

But I know what I'm doing tomorrow--and it's not shopping for dance shoes, which was the other thing on our list that didn't get done.

*sigh*  The grocery store. They love me. I seem to buy just eclectic scads of shit. And now we know why.

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