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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Today was sweet and unassuming--

I know that for many people, Mother's Day is not the favorite. There's a million reasons to experience pain when the whole world is out having a greeting card frenzy-- and I get that.

My day was not epic. There were no angels singing, and I didn't wake up with a perfectly cleaned house and gallons of my favorite perfume delivered with a bow.

Hell, I didn't even get flowers--but I DID get homemade cards, and Mate went and got my coffee this morning while I slept in. We went to ZB's soccer game (loss--heinous loss) and then went out to lunch at the place of my choosing.

And then saw Civil War, which I will wax lyrical about on another date, because Captain America is... *nungh*  SUCH an amazing character. I've said before--they could have made him such an irritating, boy-scout. Such a cipher. But they didn't. He's nuanced and tortured and honest and strong and human and... I'm so totally in love. (But still not buying him with a girl. Nope. Not even a little. Sorry, Cap'n.)  Anyway-- everything I love and believe about heroic archetypes was, once again, in full glory today and I walked out of that theater beating my chest and screaming "I AM CAPTAIN AMERICA!" at least in my head and--

Uhm, I need to keep this short.


So, sweet and unassuming.

There were not flowers but the ones Squish drew. I got a card from Mate, and McDonald's iced coffee, french vanilla. I got lunch and good conversation. And a movie.

And at the end, I got a call from my kid in the other part of the state.

heh heh heh... And before everyone dies of sugar shock, I need to add this part.

The call from the kid in the other part of the state? Was abruptly ended when the kid who lives in my house--the twelve year old MALE who lives in my house--lifted his leg and let loose such an epic SBD (silent but deadly) that we had to evacuate the room, and I fully expected the cat on the couch (the one who was close to the gas transmission vehicle) to fall off in a dead faint.

So, it was nice. Not expensive. (Well, five people out to lunch and at the movies--expensive.) Not trendy. (Hallmark only sold us one card this year.) And not perfect. (You would have gagged and died. Anyone who doesn't live with this kid would have slugged him just on general principle.)

But it was life with my family, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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