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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

And today I...

A real thing that happened in my house today:

Me: Uh, Mate? Have you seen my keys?

Mate (from work): No... but I did lock the car last night when I got home.

Me: Fuuuuuuuck...

Mate: I've got a really important meeting at nine. I'll come get Squish for school afterwards.

Me: Squish, bad news-- dad can't get here to get me my keys and get you to school until around eleven o'clock.


Me: Good. I've done you a solid. You make sure to remember this when you lock YOUR keys in the car.

Squish: Deal-- I'm gonna watch  Scooby Doo!

Another real thing that happened in my house today:

--I sent Chicken pictures of ponchos to help me decide what to make for a friend's kid.

Chicken: Sweet! I like that last one. But in purple. And white and gray and black.

Me: Uh, okay.

Chicken: Can I have it as a cardigan? That would be great! I want it as a cardigan. Like simple.

Me: Uh, okay.

Chicken: Is that bad?

Me: No. In fact I'm thrilled. I'm making it in my head already. In sock yarn. In a thousand colors. 

Chicken: Ooh... sock yarn. I can pick some out when I visit.

Me: *hearts* *stars* *dreamy schmoopy happiness*  But I have to make my friend's first.

Chicken: No problem. 

Me: *hearts* *stars* *dreamy schmoopy happiness*

And another thing that happened today:

I went out to lunch with J. Scott Coatsworth (*waves*) and I went to the yarn store and I got a nap.  

And I edited Summer Lessons, cause I finished a book last night.  And tonight? I'm going to bed with my husband.

That's real :-)

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