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Friday, May 20, 2016

Find That Kid!

So,  I went to Squish's volunteer tea today--which was lovely. It's an event thrown by the PTA and the teachers to say thanks for volunteering, and I felt like such a fraud--I'm only there a couple of times a year but Squish's teacher is so kind-- she asked, and I showed.

Well, I parked myself in the way back--the mercenary's spot, I call it. Back to the wall, space on either side, can see everything.

And then the choir filed in, right behind me.


Anyway, Squish was in the choir-- and I'd asked her if she needed her blue shirt and she said no, and I was right and she was wrong.

But it didn't matter.

Know why?

Because.  Look at that picture above.  You all know what she looks like by now-- bright red hair, taller than almost everyone in the 4th grade?

But these are fourth, fifth, and sixth graders, and there IS a little red-haired girl here, but she's not Squish.

I sent that picture to Mate, and he texted back, I don't see her.

So I cropped the picture.  See there? Behind the kid with the Marvel shirt, and the kid behind him with the blue shirt, there is an arm in a pink sweatshirt.

I sent it to Mate, with directions.

I still don't see it. You're making her up.

So the irony here?

I got there, all suave, thinking I was setting myself up to hide in the back, right?

And my kid is a better spy than I am, in the fourth grade, with hair like a sunrise.

I'm impressed.

And the music wasn't bad either.

Oh yeah-- before I went? I got my toes done.  The woman in the chair next to me was a former teacher--she knew Squish's choir teacher, and was thrilled to hear we had a string program. She has some resources to offer the new teacher. I did that. Making the world better one pedicure at a time. (We won't discuss my eyebrows though. What happened to my eyebrows does nothing good for anybody. Saying.)

So... do you see her yet?

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