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Friday, May 6, 2016

I've Seen Worse...

Sorry about the not blogging last night-- I hit an editing/writing groove, and was so invested in all of that that blogging completely slipped my mind. (Well, I remembered when I was stumbling to bed at 2 a.m., but oh well.)

So, like I said, busy and in brain-pan-land. In fact, so busy in brain-pan-land that after I put on my pajama bottoms, I was sitting at my desk in my hooded sweatshirt and T-shirt, and at around one in the morning, my bra finally started to bother me. You know, like it does. And I didn't want to get up to take it off, because GROOVE, right?  So I wriggled out of it (it's a girl thing-- we all know how to take off our bras without flashing our boobs) and shoved it in my jacket pocket.

This morning, I took the car in to be serviced.

I have one of those keys that doesn't actually need to be USED. It just needs to be IN the car. I generally carry it in my purse or in my pocket--sometimes I actually use the lanyard and carry it around my neck. (This is especially useful when I'm wearing those irritating stretch pants with no pockets.)  You see where this is going, right?

So I was standing by my car this morning, at 7:30 a.m. (yes, if you do the math, I was probably not very chipper at 7:30 a.m.) and the nice auto service guy asked me for my keys.  And I produced them. As well as one brightly colored, ginormous cotton bra.

"Oh my God," I said, staring at it stupidly. It was pink and covered in cherry blossoms. Now you know what my underwear looks like. "My bra. In my pocket. That's embarrassing."

The guy shrugged. "I've seen worse--I've raised three kids."

I think about it. "I've got four myself. Yeah, there was a time when I'd flashed my rack to half-of-Northern California--I guess I've shown worse myself."

The guy laughed, and proceeded with the car servicing business. (The last time I'd brought it in I was checking it out to ride to Vegas. He asked me how long that had taken, and we talked about road trips for a while. Nice guy.)

But now I'm asking myself... what exactly have people pulled out of their pockets that is worse than my ginormous cherry blossom bra?

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