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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Movie Saturday

Okay-- I'll be honest. I caught up with a LOT of work tonight--editing for Rampant as well as writing-- but what also happened is what Mate calls "Movie Saturday"-- which is sort of exactly what it sounds like.

Today, we were lucky--it feels like you actually do something when you go to the movies. "Hurray! I am contributing to my child's growth in some way, right? RIGHT?"  Some Saturdays just become a delightful worship of cable's best and worst. (Mate has some truly lovely holy grails of crappy movies. Harley Jane Kozak was his celebrity crush for a few years, if that tells you anything.)

So, yes. That is the reason there are no werewolves today. I promise-- promise-- tomorrow. I admit-- this was a big week, and things got away from me.

But, although this is a teeny tiny post? I've got one thing: X-Men: Apocalypse.  I thought I was totally over this franchise, but as it turns out? Not so much. This one made me fall in love all over gain.

And I just woke up after typing that. Seriously-- night all. Werewolves tomorrow. Even nap.


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