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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Remember that time we emotionally scarred our offspring for life?

So, Squish got to sing at the RiverCats game tonight--her school's choir/band got to perform the National Anthem.

We arrived around 5:30, and Squish didn't sing until 6:50, because the game started at 7:00.

So ZoomBoy and I were, in a word, unsupervised.

Anyway-- I was listening to the intercom.  "Everybody who is planning to be part of the parade, please line up between the flags at the far end of the field."

Oh. A parade? Voluntary? Well, I didn't want to move, but ZB is 12--he's capable.

I listened some more.

"Everyone who wants to be part of the parade, please follow the concourse to the far end of the field."


"Hey, Zoomboy, you want to be in the parade?"

"How far is it?"

"All the way down there."


Five minutes pass, and he starts to lose his mind with boredom, and they make the announcement again.  And he goes, "Yeah, sure. Here, let me take off my sweatshirt--that way you can see me better."

He was wearing a neon yellow microfiber T-shirt, that matched the neon yellow strip up the side of his track pants.  It looked a little like a uniform.  And then he kissed my cheek and ran off to follow the crowd (because it was most of the people at the stadium) heading down the concourse towards the entrance.

And then they made the announcement again. But this time, they added a teeny tiny modifier.

"Will all parties intending to take part in the LITTLE LEAGUE parade, please follow the concourse..."

Oh hell. I could see ZoomBoy making his way down the fucking concourse, his elbows flying as he ran.

Mate came down to our seats, explaining that Squish would come out later with her choir, down on the field. "Where's ZoomBoy?"

"Funny you should ask that..."

And then I explained it to him.

"So... he's going to march around the field with the Little League teams."

"Uh, apparently so."

"From what team?"  Mate was laughing at this point.

"Apparently from the Citrus Heights Random Kid Who Wandered On the Field team."

"I guess!"

"Well... he has a uniform."

And then we saw the Little League teams marching along, lining the field, waving.  A lot of the kids were wearing the neon microfiber thing-- just like ZoomBoy.

"Do you see him?" I asked. "There he is!"

And there he was. Dancing, waving, making sure we saw him.  He was more excited than any kid out there on the field.  He stopped and did the wedgie dance on purpose when he saw us, and then continued in the parade.

"Everybody saw him," Mate said, when we were done waving. "Apparently Citrus Heights has a team we never knew about."

Of course, I told ZoomBoy when he got back to the stands.

"Oh! So THAT'S what that one lady was trying to tell me."  He frowned. "I'm a little bit embarrassed now."

I shrugged. "Hey-- nobody will ever know. Except... you know. Everyone on Twitter and FB, because I posted that."

"Okay, so nobody I know. That's fine then."

"Well, I figured if anyone asked you what team you were on, you'd say, 'The Scorpions'. Nobody had to know it was soccer."

He grinned--he's a sneaky little sausage and I think that appealed to him.

And Squish performed, and she was AMAZEBALLS. I mean, I assume she was. It was a choir in the middle of a baseball field on a mostly rainy day. Who knows if she was amazeballs or not--she was there.  In mismatched socks and a zebra bow.

Doing what our family does, apparently-- stand on the field in neon, performing the wedgie dance for no reason at all.

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