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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Well, to make up for yesterday's uncomfortably weird story, today it's going to be all cute all of the time.

Or, well, two pictures worth before I go back to my late manuscript.

Somebody got groomed today. 

I'll let you guess who. 

And I went back to the gym today.

There was no weirdness in the hot tubs--but there WAS  a promise I'd be there Friday.

Seems after three absences in a row, I'll be missed.

I've got to say--it helps when your teachers FB message you to say, "Get your ass to class!"  I can see why calling mom and dad was so effective when I was teaching. After my aqua instructor messaged me, I actually rearranged my car service around getting in the pool and getting out of breath.  

Of course, chatting with Aila after class is motivation too ;-)

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