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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Juggling Dogs

*  I was walking the dogs today when I saw a bona fide Hell's Angel--wearing the colors, driving a chopper, a German style WWII helmet on his head--roar through our neighborhood. He was shaved bald with a gray beard long enough to blow backwards over his shoulder.

About half a block behind him was a doughy, middle-aged white guy, riding one of those uber big, uber decked out motorcycles with fiberglass trunk and side compartments so it's like a rolling house on two wheels, all done in sparkly blue. He was riding without a helmet.

The dogs went apeshit, of course, or I would have taken a picture, because seriously. That is something you DON'T see every day.

*  Flossing my teeth today, and out popped a rather large nugget of silver filling.

This cannot be good.

*  Took the kids to dance and realized if it hadn't been too hot to come in, I would  have missed a big furry deal happening on Sunday, when the kids get measured for their outfits. The instructor looked at me reprovingly (I have to say, I don't impress her much as a whole. Well, join the club) and I shrugged. "Chronic sleep deprivation and ADHD, JoAnna. Most people mistake it for being stupid." Which, really, was no more than the truth.

*  I am on a roll, book wise. I know it's WAY LATE, but Mason's book is looking to finish soon, and then I can start on Geezers. Yayayayayay!!! Except Mason's book is breaking my heart, and I didn't expect that. Damn characters. I had to make it real.

* To the writing cave--HO!!!

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