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Sunday, July 24, 2016

A few things to fondle...

Geoffie is not impressed by the socks.
Okay-- so I delved into my sock archives right before I went to RWA and came back with--oh, treasure of treasures!-- an almost completed pair of socks!

I finished them, and they're going to my friend right before she has surgery, and yay and hooray for finished projects.

BTW, I'm now totally enamored of all the other projects in my sock archives.  KNIT SOCKS NOW! (Okay, as a revolutionary slogan it sucks, but for knitters, it's sort of an amazing affirmation of hope. You don't knit socks in July if you think the apocalypse is coming in November, trust me. You just don't.)

Anyway-- the yarn is bamboo/wool, and it's time in the sock archive has rendered it soft and grope worthy and... mmmm...

Because, you know, socks and yarn are some of the few things you can fondle without being accused of objectification. I mean, yarn and socks ARE OBJECTS--if we lust after them, isn't objectification okay?

So, dream away and objectify yarn, and if you have an archived project, by all means go back and see if it needs to be re-loved.

And also go see Ghostbusters, because all of the women in it are fantastic, and watching Kristin Wiig sweetheart crush over Chris Hemsworth is really sort of adorable.

So is Chris Hemsworth's willingness to be totally objectified and dumb as a post.

*happy sigh*

I'm off to bed to dream about knitting socks for Christ Hemsworth. I could grope the socks then--not the Hemsworth, of course--but groping the socks and then putting them on the Hemsworth would be close.

And speaking of improper groping, here we have the damned cat, licking the salt out of Mate's hair after his late night soccer game last night.

FTR? Mate was in no way offended at being used for salt and comfort purposes--as long as the cat doesn't barf a giant Mate-hairball down anyone's shoes, it's all good.

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