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Thursday, July 7, 2016

*flails* ALSKAR!

Okay, so it was fairly cool today-- 85 or so--and the pool was actually cold if you weren't working really hard.  And then the aqua instructor (my friend, Trina) sort of blew my mind.

"You know, I was watching ads for that new Tarzan movie, and I don't know who the guy is who's playing Tarzan, but I sure did think he was pretty. Does anybody know who he is?"

I almost drowned.

Okay-- I haven't blogged about this before, but someday I'm going to talk about all of those people who either don't own or don't have time to live on their computers, because they're pretty awesome. There are some people out there who maybe spend fifteen minutes checking their e-mail, but aside from that, and answering their cousin's sallies on FaceBook (or their friends or clients) they really don't have much use for that big expensive brick of mercury and soil death hanging out on their kitchen table.  I know that for some of us, this is unthinkable-- we're addicted to the bright light and the bringer of knowledge--but don't pity the non-addicted. They have the freedom to do things like go out and ride 200 mile bike races and visit relatives in faraway places and volunteer in alpaca farms and with burn victims and... okay, this is mostly Trina, but my parents are this active too, and I am sorely aware that dependence on electronics really does hamper some of my reality time.

Anyway, my point is, that although most of the people in my universe may actually be gasping because she did NOT know who Alskar was, the fact remains that she was ripe, and mine to educate.

I hunted her down after the class while she was rounding up gear.

"Trina, have you seen the Avengers movies?"


"You know the old scientist, the one who was wandering around without his pants in the second Thor movie?"

"Yes! I like him!"

"That's Stellan Skarsgard-- he's Alexander Skarsgard's father. Alexander is the hot blond guy in Tarzan."

"Oh! That's cute that they're in the same business together!"

I, of course, and remembering Stellan as the vicious warrior in the Clive Owen version of King Arthur, as well as the overbearing professor in Good Will Hunting. "Yeah, they're adorable. But if you haven't seen True Blood--"

"I've heard of it!"

"Excellent. There's a lot of pictures of him, and other really hot guys, wearing not so many clothes in that show."


I nod.  "It's totally worth it to Netflix."

She is, of course, enchanted with the idea, and I feel conflicted.

On the one hand, I have done my job and spread the Hot Guy Eye Candy for this lovely woman who has been my aerobics teacher for over five years and whom I adore.

On the other hand, I may possibly have addicted her to True Blood, and since I know she spends her free time doing outstanding and amazing things (I was not kidding about all of the volunteering and cycling she did-- she's sort of really wonderful) I may have robbed the world of a force of good.

But then, if I did, I had help.

There's not much we can't blame on Alskar's abalicious chesticles, right?

Mmmmmm... Alskar....

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