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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I cannot brain today...

I have the dumbzzzzzzzz….

So, working on Quickening. I shall reach the 200K mark tonight, and probably pass it by.  I MUST finish by May 1st, because all hell will break loose on my desktop then and I need to be done.

Sleep is… not a priority.

It is beginning to show.

This morning I went out to the car and called my husband:

Me: Hey. Bad news.

Mate:  Hit me!

Me: You know how they said we're not supposed to be able to lock our keys in our car?

Mate: Yes?

Me: They lied.

Mate: I'm sorry, I did that.

Me: This is still bad news.

Mate:  I'll be right there.  Do you want me to take the kids to school?

Me: *rather pathetically*  Could you bring me coffee too?

Mate: No.

Me: *sob*

~~~  So, he DID bring me coffee.  And he brought the kids to school.  (Damn Lane kids-- you think they'd do this during STAR test on purpose!) And then he left, with the gentle admonition for me to get some sleep.

And here I am, in front of the computer, trying to get in that one…



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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sleep, gosh darn it, woman. You *know* the words will frolic and gambol with more abandon if you do. Then I get another book to buy. Er... don't tell the bank manager, OK?