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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Lovely Chat...

So, yesterday, the authors of Tales of the Curious Cookbook got to meet online-- we had a lovely chat, and I work with amazing women, and here you go. Us. Talking. Enjoy. (Sorry about the fucking dogs!)

And Immortal is now on pre-sale at



And today, I'm going to the gym (huzzah!) and going grocery shopping (not so huzzah) and spending the rest of the day writing blog posts and essays.

Tomorrow I get to start my Christmas novella. Two guys, working shit out.

My chest is buzzing with excitement--glory, hallelujah, it'll be 50k at most.

*happy sigh*

Peace out!


Nancy Fulton said...

This is a great DreamSpinner Interview!
My computer kept getting stuck at about 26 minutes until I finally just went to YouTube.
It reminded me of the authors panels at GRL but I think more relaxed because there wasn't a live audience sitting in front of them.
I also got a charge out of Amber doing cat's cradles and other things with her hands, it made me wonder if Amy was knitting below the camera.

Amy Lane said...

(I was! A fingerless mitten--swear, I showed everybody when I was done :-)