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Friday, April 10, 2015


Okay, so, doing the following:

Waiting-- For Mate to bring us dinner

Listening--to Into the Woods

Choosing--A new logo

Reorganizing--My queue


Editing-- Bitter Taffy 

Ordering--Swag for RT

Ordering--An evening bag because hey, what do redoubtable hausfraus need with evening bags?

Thinking--About a jewelry "thing".

"I will defend my right to cover my ass with flowered jeans with my dying breath."

Wondering, "Do I have a fever?"

Wondering, "Oh crap! Can I make that deadline?"

Wondering, "Dinner… who put it so close to bedtime?"

Wondering, "Okay, I give, where DID the dog crap?"

Realizing, "I get to sleep in tomorrow!"

Realizing, "Grimm's on tonight!"

Accepting, "I can't do everything between now and midnight."

Anticipating, "There will be knitting and television with family."

Wishing you all a good weekend!


Crissy Morris said...

Oooh... who's doing your new logo? I can't wait to see. *bats eyes*

Rhae Camdyn said...

Have a great weekend, honey - you've worked hard for it!! Nugget and I are curling up with the tablet to re-read some goodies before jumping into the laundry chores tomorrow....Hugs!