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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A sweet day to sleep in and cuddle...

Zoomboy, with manic smile on his face: Guess what mom! The cat is dead!

Me, watching the cat wander by, ignoring us both: Worst April Fool's joke ever.

* * *

Chicken, before running an errand in the new car: So, remember Mom-- if I come back and there isn't a scratch on the car, that means I have done nothing wrong. You understand that? No scratches means no proof.

* * *

Squish: What's the best April Fool's joke you've ever had played on you?

Me: Nine years ago, I went into labor on March 31st.  April Fool's! Your birthday is on April 3rd.

Squish: *iz laughing too hard to reply*

* * *

And it's a beautiful spring day outside-- may you all be surrounded by sunshine and flowers. (My friends in Australia, may you be surrounded by brisk fall breezes and the promise of rain.)

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Saren Johnson said...

Happy birthday Squish!