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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

That Day Was Sort of Useless

My friend, Maria Teresa, who
inspired Miguel's mom from Lollipop--
also my gossip buddy during
soccer games. 
Well, honestly, I don't get much done on Wednesdays anyway--GATE and dance, and usually there's aqua, which I skipped today because I wasn't feeling well. And yesterday as a "day of rest" was sort of laughable, because there were people to meet and an indoor soccer game and there was dinner to cook. So I started today with a sleep hangover, was barely making it to my nap and then...

The weirdest thing happened to my keyboard.

It just... I can't even explain what it did to me. The middle row just stopped working.

"Help!" I texted Mate. "My keyboard is broken! I can't type S, D, F, G, H, J, K, or L! FUCK!!!"

"Or, yanno," he texted back. "UC."

And suddenly my panic was gone.

Kids at dance, one at either end. 
But so was any option of getting work done. (This was okay-- I had books to read to judge a contest, and it was like permission from God to get some of that done, as well as take a nap.) Mate tried to tell me how to hook up our wireless keyboard to my computer, and thus, it was, that the least technically savvy person since Harry Dresden spent an hour between picking up offspring trying to install a piece of equipment I still don't understand.

It doesn't matter.

Unconscious dog. Mate says she's been gassed, but
she still appears to be breathing.
I gave up and went and got Squish and then took both kids to dance. By the time I got home, Mate had parked a new keyboard in front of my laptop, and it's like a whole new laptop!  Unfortunately, It's like a whole new laptop I can't see, because, hey, bifocals and screen distance. SO frustrating. (I actually had a new prescription but lost it, and am now really grateful I do most of my driving in the day time when the sunglasses--which are present prescription--really help.)

But my technology works, and now I can finally finish Licorice Whip-- which I'm thinking of renaming Pixy Styx, for story reasons, and the fact that it's the last book in the series, and Pixy Stix were an integral part of Candy Heaven. Anyway, Cy and Robbie are coming along just fine, thank you--I know a lot of people have asked me about them, and I'm hoping this book (a little shorter than Lollipop) will be the ending they want.

So, you know. Writing is about to commence. Huzzah! And just as well--I have a whole novella to write in a month! *bitting fingernails*

But still-- actually today was a little bit useless. *sigh* Travel. Every damned time.

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Rhae Camdyn said...

Travel sucks it out of you. In spite of every precaution we can take. However, I have learned that pomegranate flavored coconut water sorta spares a soul from the worst. Give it a week, hun. (Yeah. Stumbling through a week? Argh.) I sorta gave up on the wireless keyboards, tho' - they seem to be susceptible to strange and bizarre problems.

Giggles on Geoffie's preferred snugglie place. If she survives the gassing, you have a pretty sturdy pet there. :)