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Sunday, July 5, 2009


We had a fine fourth--what I can remember of it. I'm sort of working on a sleep deprivation fugue right now. Too much writing late and waking up and snuggling w/the kids early.) But the family has been in fine bantering form this last week, and I'm hoping to capture a little of it for you here.

Mate: "What are the kids doing?"
Me: (watching the Cave Troll poke an old whoopty-12 through a toy and use it to bop Ladybug on the head): "The Cave Troll is beating Ladybug to death with a rubber ducky...on a stick!"

After watching about half of a Disney Movie called 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl':

Cave Troll: "Look at me, Mom--I'm SHREK BOY!"
Ladybug: "And I'm Llama Girl!"

While shoving a rubber penguin into the mouth of a stuffed killer whale:

Cave Troll: "Look Mom--it's from "Happy Feet"!" (For those of you who remember my rant on this movie, this moment is supremely funny.)

While bursting in on Mom while she is ensconced on the 'throne' while simultaneously brushing her teeth:

Cave Troll: "Mom...come quick! I've got a guy! In a toy! It's doing a thing!"
Me: "Cab ib waib?"
Cave Troll: "No--I'm going to move it!"

After the kids put the canned goods away in the shelf under the counter:

Me: "Whose idea was it to stack the cans hurricane style?"
Big T: "Chicken did it!"
Chicken: "Why is it I'm always the one who gets thrown under the bus?"
Me: "Because you make the most satisfying thump."
Chicken: "I'm not the only one who can thump!"
Me: "Yeah, but the little kids barely make a splat and your brother keeps breaking the axle."

(And Ladybug is keening for attention right now--I'll try to add to this later!)


Donna Lee said...

I think your family would like my family. Same weird sense of humor. And everyone is fair game!

Roxie said...

Rubber ducky onna stick! Deep fry that and you have a new state fair treat.

Chicken under the bus - a new casserole?

You're funny when you're sleep-deprived.

KnitTech said...

Reads like fun times at Chez Lane.

Galad said...

I'm with Donna Lee - a weird sense of humor makes for family fun all around :-)