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Thursday, September 17, 2015

At the rest stop...

Here at Yaoi-Con with Mary, Poppy, Venona, and Shira-- we had drinks and dinner tonight, and it was awesome.

On my way up this afternoon, I stopped at the rest stop that overlooks Six Flags Vallejo--and spent a moment breathing deeply and wishing for rain. This landscape is not usually so bleak--but it was today.

I also saw these two guys, hanging out and enjoying Fig Newtons-- because it's what all the vegan horses are eating these days.

And then I made it to the airport, where, in spite of parking slightly west of You're Fucked and east of Egypt, I still managed to pick Mary and Poppy up.

And then I found my way back to You're Fucked and Egypt, which was the important thing.

Anyway-- I can' wait to see the costumes and the happy tomorrow -- Yaoi Con is always a really good time :-)

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