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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ZoomBoy's Well Timed Concert

Okay-- I have to admit it.

I was overjoyed when I found out that ZoomBoy's concert was tonight--he actually relieved me of my political duty to watch the debates.

I followed some of the Twitter-feed and that was gross enough--and I saw the highlights, in which Hilary got in some beautiful jab-hook-haymaker combos that made me love her even more, but mostly?

I just watched my son stand in his black dress shirt and sing.

There were probably some things he could have done better-- his father and I noted that he seemed to do an awful lot of singing with his mouth open as little as possible. He fidgeted--and bounced--to keep his knees unlocked. And touched his face and scratched at the back of his neck.

In short, he was an 8th grade boy, unused to choir, trying to sing, and even though he's going to turn 13 this year, I am still convinced that he's my little boy, my darling Cave Troll, my beautiful brown-eyed son.

After choir, we went out to eat, then to Leatherby's, because they were having a fundraiser. Ice cream for everybody!  *mmmf*  Yummy ice cream, but oi! Talk about overkill.

Anyway-- we got home and here I am, thinking about music, and about how sometimes, songs get a hold of us and just don't let go.

So, I'm going to head back to my cave, and I was going to leave you with my favorite song at the moment, but YouTube totally broke down (and there went 20 minutes... darnit!)

*  *  *

So, I was going to leave you with the cover picture from Freckles since it was posted today on the RT blog, and then I was going to leave you with a youtube video, but...

See, I hit the wrong combo of keys and this got posted to all my feeds as simply "Z".

And I was going to blog quick before it got posted to my feeds.

But I couldn't get the picture to load and my server just flat out refuses to acknowledge that YouTube exists right now.

But I'm already getting feedback from my feeds-- "WTF is Z?"

So I'm calling all multi-media and posting this, and returning to the writing cave in embarrassment, where Red Fish, Dead Fish is already in progress, and hopefully not fighting me like BlogSpot!

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