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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend Update

*  Let's start out with OOPS! A fan freaked out a little when she saw the list of stuff coming out and DIDN'T see this book.

This is part two of Rampant, and it will be out November 22!

And yes-- Quickening is coming, folks! In the first half of 2017 :-)

So are The Green's Hill Werewolves.

*  On Friday, Squish was supposed to dress for her future career.

She went as a writer.

I'm not kidding.

I was vastly amused.

*  Yesterday, ZoomBoy's soccer game got moved from nine in the morning to one-thirty in the afternoon.  Squish's soccer game was from twelve to one-fifteen.

Mate coaches both teams.

The plan was for me and Squish to hang around and dispense snack (it was our week) and for Mate to leave the girl's team in the hands of his assistant coaches while he ran across town to get the player cards to the refs so he could coach the boy's team.

My parents came to the game--which was fun-- and Mate stopped by where we sat to remind me to collect the wagon and the player bench and to meet him at the next game.

And then he left.

Fifteen minutes later, the game was over and my parents said, "Okay, so where did Mate go?"

"He went cross town to coach ZoomBoy's game."

"Wait," ZoomBoy said, standing right across from me. "He went where?"

The lot of us stared at him.

Squish in a soccer coma--
At ZB's game.
He'd been right there with me when Mate had run off.

About that time, I got Mate's phone call, the one saying, "DON'T FORGET OUR SON!"


On the one hand, yes, he left our son at the soccer field.

On the other, well, he left the kid with B team while he went and did his job.

Honestly, after that moment in which we all stared at ZoomBoy--I laughed my ass off.

I think we shall give Mate a ration of shit about this for years.

Right up until I do something similar, of course.  Then it's just too sensitive a subject, right?

*  Friday I met with the Sacramento Writer's Group again--I do enjoy these monthly meetings, but we were missing a couple of people.

One of whom--Kim Fielding--sent me a picture of her flooded street in Turlock, which sort of held her back. (I think she put it on FB.)

All I can say is Best. Excuse. Ever.

* I'm knitting a dog sweater for a friend--and I pretty much looked at pictures and de-constructed the pattern.  So far, it fits Geoffie--a little snug, but this is for a dog about 3 lbs smaller--so it's good.

And I had a moment of pause. "What should I do? When should I do it? Start rib now or later? Do I finish this with a bind off or an attached i-cord?  OH NO! WHAT IF I DO THIS WRONG?"

And then it REALLY hit me.

Yes. These dogs need sweaters.
It already fits the dog. The rest is personal preference. This isn't even a sock--I don't even have to remember what I just did so I can do it again for the second one.  There is no pattern I'm following--I shaped it according to my own tastes.  There's not a picture this is supposed to match


You know.

Just as long as it fits the dog.

*  About that last deal?

It's a little scary not to have a pattern.

Yeah. Every time I start a book.



You know.

Just as long as I write to character.

*mind blown*


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