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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Tile Couldn't Help With This...

So, a couple of days ago, I posted on Twitter/FB how excited I was about the Tile.

This is an app and a little gizmo that makes it harder to lose your keys. You put the tile on your keyring and when you can't find your keys, you push a button on your phone and the gizmo beeps. When you can't find your phone, you push the gizmo and your phone beeps. It's very handy-- people online responded with stories of putting them on necklaces and putting the necklaces on children and being able to find your children at a crowded event. Fun stuff!


So this morning, I thought I had my keys--they should be right in the pocket of my sweatshirt, so I put it on and went out to my car and...

Looked inside at my keys on the console as I pulled fruitlessly at the door to unlock it.

But... but... but...

"Click your Tile mom!"

"Doesn't do me any good," I told Squish. "They're locked in."  This only happens when I leave the keys in the car and Mate gets home, sees the car unlocked, and locks it.


  I got out my phone and texted Mate that I needed him to come unlock the minivan. While I was doing this, I told Big T, "Sorry, big guy--you're going to be walking to the bus stop in the rain."

"You know, you should really keep your keys somewhere you'll remember them," he said bitterly, stalking away.

Mate texted back. "You know, this is why purses were invented."

"Big T already yelled at me," I told him.


Even the dogs were sending me recriminating looks. I didn't even blame them.

Mate got home and gave me the keys--and an "I'm sorry" kiss, and I went to take Squish to school. As I got into the car, I had to adjust the seat back. Way back.

Wait a minute...

"What are you doing, Mom?"

"Texting your sister."


"Because she took you out for ice cream last night, left the keys in the car, and got me in trouble!"

"She did it?"

"Yup," I said grimly. I texted Mate this info, and got a "D'oh!" in return.

I texted Chicken, and got an "I'm SO SORRY!"

Well, fine.

"It's okay. Dad yelled at me."

"I"m sorry."

"The dogs yelled at me."


"Everybody thought it was my fault."

"I'm so sorry!"

I sighed. "Yeah, well. It's not like there wasn't precedent."

"You've done it a lot, Mom."

"Yeah."  I brightened. "But at least today I knew where they were!"

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