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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Snapshot of My Day

Day: Wednesday

Mood: Philosophical

Pictures taken: This one, of the cat sitting, happy as a clam--or a cat, really-- in the street, surrounded by turkeys. Because, turkeys, I guess? Whatever. Cat and turkeys. It's a conundrum.

Weather: Stunning. I understand we'll get rain this weekend. Looking forward to that too.

Kid moment: I bought them Del Taco for when they got out of school. That, and they wanted to eat leftovers for dinner. You heard me. Wanted to eat leftovers. 
On my Kindle; Die For Me by Karen Rose

Writing: Manny Get Your Guy-- sequel to The Virgin Manny, a Dreamspun Desire due out from DSP this summer.

Knitting:  Well, I just finished this wrap for my friend (Squish loved modeling it though) and I had a half a ball of yarn left. (The wrap only took one and a half balls--it's a big put-up!)  So I'm knitting a family of tiny hats for a friend who has a new niece and nephew and two growing boys of her own. The yarn is soft and squishy and lovely and I couldn't imagine throwing the ball in the leftover stash and never using it again.

Thing I'm most behind on: Halloween costumes for kids. They haven't decided on anything-- it's driving me crazy.

Music: Goddamned Boxer Rebellion-- a friend of Chicken's turned her on to them in high school, and she doesn't even like them now. But me, no, I've got to have a bizarre ten year late obsession with this band.

Oh well.

Allow me to share my obsession--and the lead singer just sort of wraps his hands around my heart and squeezes mercilessly. Enjoy that:

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