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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Small Lessons, never learned...

And today's lessons, in random order are...

*  Small boys are gassy. If you get locked in a car with one for half an hour, odds are good, you may be tempted to bash the car window with your elbow just to breathe free air.

*  If you have Halloween chocolate, you will eat it.

*  EVERYBODY wants to stream video.  Everybody except you. *sigh*

*  Boil noodles first. Then add other ingredients. *sigh*

*  The really good grapes that taste like dessert disappear like dessert.

*  One bone and two dogs = two REALLY high strung dogs.

*  The coroner's office and the hospital morgue are not the same place, no matter what you understood when you wrote that last book.

*  You canNOT listen to ALL THE SONGS in the span of one day.

*  If you don't leave for aqua before your son gets home, you're going to be at least twenty minutes late.

*  Hair oil, face moisturizer, and deodorant REALLY need to live in your gym bag.

*  If you order a bacon cheddar mini-quesadilla, you will eat it, no matter what you tell yourself.

*  Mate always has a soccer meeting Mondays. Always.

*  Still, it's better to wait for Mate to get home to watch Lucifer--he seems to love it as much as you do.

*  No nap = a cranky Amy--who still needs to write 2000 words.

*  Falling asleep in front of the computer while blogging only yields one decent blog post for every 1000 times. Most of the time you're writing complete rubbish that will confuse the crap out of everybody.

* Purple love Dandy Warhols who's on the radio Scorpio?

*  Night!

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