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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Snap

Chicken's Cat, Val, who is chunky and
vocal and loves the boys better.
Chicken adores her.
I'm not sure I can articulate the thing that causes the snap.

There is a moment when my brain--which has been running like a hamster on a wheel for some time--simply stops.

The hamster is thrown off the fucking wheel, into a wall, and it just lays there for a while, looking dazedly around while the wheel continues to turn in the background.

The hamster threw me off of the wheel today.

The only productive thing i did was buy milk, and check in on my offspring.  For those curious, Squish gave a speech for Student Council and feel she did well, Zoomboy has a C in English now, Big T is as flamingly liberal as I am and thinks Trevor Noah is doing a splendid job on The Daily Show, and Chicken has procured a 5 yo rescue cat named Valyrie.  Mate had his own snap tonight and almost fell asleep before we served him his cake.  All the kids are a little put out that Mate and I didn't make much of our birthdays this year, but what can I say? We're both lying dazed by the hamster wheel, going, "Oh for sweet fuck's sake, we have to get back on that thing?"

So tomorrow expect Fanfic Frida-- and if we want some interactive stuff, PLEASE send me pictures (either on FB, Twitter, or here) of the couple you most want to see. I got some VERY wonderful John/Jack pictures for my birthday, and if I don't hear anything definitive, I'm doing John/Jack again, because I think we could do some hurt comfort there, don't you?

And from here on out, it's a dead sprint to GRL, so expect to hear some of that.  I'm hideously behind, I really am.  But I guess I needed to catch my breath before jumping on the wheel again.

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