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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday Evening

So, I leave in two days, and I'm behind deadline and I'm a little sick and I've got a dozen things todo and whine whine whine whine who cares.

Mostly, I had a normal day, and the most exceptional thing was that I got to talk to Aila, my aqua instructor, whom I haven't seen in a while. (She was caring for her mother.)  Anyway-- once again I got a hug, and it's starting to dawn on me how awesome women are.  Men can go for YEARS and never feel comfortable enough to voluntarily touch another human platonically with affection.

Women hand out hugs the way they hand out snacks and hats if it's cold: we know everybody needs it so just don't bother resisting. There you go. We'll take care of all that noise.

Anyway-- it was good to see her again. We talked about how bored our friend Trina is, now that she's recovering from foot surgery, and I love her so much, I can't wait until she gets back to urge us into fat-burning cardio once more!

Anyway, so there's that, and hanging with the family--and hanging with the family was especially good tonight. The kids and I told jokes and shared songs all the way back from their dance lessons, and when we got home, Mate and I got some cuddle time in front of the TV, and then it was family time.

Which sounds simple, but, once again, like women hugging, it's awesome.

I mean, yeah-- behind deadline, laundry all day, post office, folding, pack pack pack!

But, you know.

Cats, dogs, knitting, and Lethal Weapon on television.

I'm counting my blessings now more than ever. I've got some seriously good things in my life.


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