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Monday, January 2, 2017

*Kermit Flail* January 2017!!!!



*whew*  Okay-- I have modest hopes for 2017, and they have certainly been raised by the offerings at this month's Kermit Flail.  

To start with, I need to say that Rayna Vause, Kate McMurray and I all have releases within two weeks of each other. We start with The Virgin Manny, my offering to the Dreamspun Desires line, then we have Kate McMurray's release on the 9th, Their Has to be a Reason, and then we have Rayna's Dreamspun Desire, Extra Sensual Perception.  So, since the three of us hang at cons (okay-- they let me hang with them. It's that simple. They are terminally East Coast Cool, and I am a dorky mom-thing from the sticks. They LET me hang with them and I am forever grateful because I love them terribly and want some of their cool to rub off on me.) Anyway-- we're going to do a FACEBOOK EVENT next Sunday, January 8th, watch this space for details, okay?  It's going to be 12-3 EST and we're each going to take turns having games and doing give aways and such. 

It'll be FAB and you're all invited.  

So THAT'S exciting.  

And then we have the awesome stuff HERE this week. Ki Brightly has a contemporary, Pheonix Hell gives a paranormal Christmas offering, K.C. Wells gives us a threesome (meow!), Anne Barwell gives us an historical, and the ever luminous Kim Fielding has some romantic suspense (YESSS!!)  

In addition, K.C. Wells has asked that I flail her friend's autobiography (it looks heartbreaking, sosyouknows) for him, and I said we are an equal opportunity flail here, so by all means take a look at Stephen Land's offering, The Race.  And speaking of equal opportunity, I met the fanTASTIC Ms. Melanie Jayne at Romantic Times last year, and she was charming and warm and lovely. She writes M/F, and it gives me TREMENDOUS pleasure to flail her this month. I can't wait to see her in May!

So like I said, it's an exciting bunch here this month.

Come see. 

Extra Sensual Perception

by Rayna Vause

If a stalker doesn’t kill them, the heat between them might.

Christopher Vincent is desperate enough for a job that he accepts an offer to entertain as a psychic in a friend’s nightclub. Jackson Whitman, one of the club’s co-owners, is less than thrilled by the new act. To him, psychics are ridiculous and a liability. But when they come face-to-face, attraction flares to life between them.

Someone is watching Jack and Chris from the shadows. What starts as a series of creepy encounters leads to deadly attacks. Jack and Chris must set aside their differences and work together to
survive a homicidal stalker. But can they survive their explosive

Buy at DSP

Dave is enjoying his junior year at a big New England university, even if none of his relationships have been especially satisfying. He plans to hang around with his best friend Joe and focus on his studies until he graduates, and then he’ll figure out the rest.

Meeting Noel changes his plans.

Noel is strikingly beautiful and unlike anyone Dave knows. Something about Noel draws Dave to him—an attraction Dave doesn’t feel ready to label. And even if he was, why would Noel be interested in Dave? And what about Joe? He hates Noel and everything he represents, and he might hate Dave if he finds out about Dave’s secret desires. So Dave will have to keep those feelings hidden—along with his relationship with Noel.

But Noel has fought too hard for his identity to be Dave’s dirty secret. Will Dave tell the truth and risk the life he’s always known… or live a lie and risk losing the love of his life?

The Virgin Manny 

By Amy Lane

The Mannies

Growing up and falling in love...

Sometimes family is a blessing and a curse. When Tino Robbins is roped into helping his sister deliver her premade Italian dinners when he should be studying for finals, he’s pretty sure it’s the latter! But one delivery might change everything.

Channing Lowell’s charmed life changes when his sister dies and leaves him her seven-year-old son. He’s committed to doing what’s best for Sammy… but he’s going to need a lot of help. When Tino lands on his porch, Channing is determined to recruit him to Team Sammy.

Tino plans to make his education count—even if that means avoiding a relationship—but as he falls harder and harder for his boss, he starts to wonder: Does he have to leave his newly forged family behind in order to live his promising tomorrow?

Trust Trade

by Ki Brightly

Life hasn’t been good to Jeb Birchman. When he attempted to escape his abusive, zealot father, he found himself on the streets, making a living the only way he knew how, the victim of more violent men—one of whom orchestrates a series of vicious attacks that leave Jeb deaf. Now that he’s aged beyond his latest client’s interest, Jeb knows he needs to escape his risky lifestyle before it’s too late. Seeing one last chance for himself, he earns a GED and enrolls in college.

Freddy Williams enjoys a life that couldn’t be more different from what Jeb has survived. He loves sports, being a personal trainer, and hanging out with friends. The son of deaf parents, Freddy is an outspoken advocate of the Deaf community and works as an interpreter at his college. When he meets Jeb at the bookstore, he’s struck by how attractive he is, and as they get to know each other, he finds Jeb’s good heart just as appealing. By the time he learns of Jeb’s past, it’s only a few steps behind them, and Freddy must make a choice between school and his familiar routine and protecting the man he’s falling in love with.

Buy at DSP

A Bond of Truth

by K.C. Wells

Sequel to A Bond of Three

It is twenty years since the Bond of Three returned to Teruna. The kingdom of Kandor, once Teruna’s enemy, seeks help and sends its finest warrior, Dainon, on a diplomatic mission. A solitary man since his wife and child died, Dainon is unable to explain why an encounter with a young man on a beach rocks his world to its core.

Prince Arrio of Teruna has always been attracted to men but has never acted on it—until he meets Dainon. Headstrong Arrio goes after what he wants, despite his fathers’ advice. But when Prince Kei arrives unexpectedly, Arrio finds himself drawn to both men. Is history repeating itself?

Prince Kei has his first taste of freedom and is shocked when the visions that have plagued him since childhood become reality. The three men embark on a voyage of discovery. No one has foreseen the day, however, when the arrival of a stranger threatens to destroy their bond.

The Race

by Stephen Land 
with K.C. Wells

The Race is a story of one man’s triumph over sexual abuse and bullying, striving to find his own sexual identity. Growing up in an ultra conservative, religious family, Stephen aimed to pray the gay away before anyone could find out his secret. Stephen’s life became a constant battle, up to the point  here he couldn’t hold on any longer. A failed suicide attempt finally put life into perspective, and Stephen came out, not just as a gay man but as a survivor of sexual abuse.

A week in the hospital with too much time to think, resulted in flashbacks that plunged him back into his nightmarish childhood and adolescence. What began as Stephen’s attempt to exorcise his demons, ended up being a story of hope for others who have also suffered sexual abuse.

His message? No matter how much you stumble coming off the starting blocks, you can still win the race.

You Always

by Melanie Jayne

Fifteen years ago the beautiful princess married her prince…

Today, Jasmine Benton appears to have the ideal life and yet, she wants more.

Her husband, Israel wouldn’t change a thing.

What happens when the perfect couple finds out that they aren’t so perfect? Can they trust in their love and learn to compromise or watch their marriage end?

Buy at Amazon

Love is Heartless

by Kim Fielding

Small but mighty—that could be Detective Nevin Ng’s motto. Now a dedicated member of the Portland Police Bureau, he didn’t let a tough start in life stop him from protecting those in need. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, and he doesn’t do relationships. Until he responds to the severe beating of a senior citizen and meets the victim’s wealthy, bow-tied landlord.

Property manager and developer Colin Westwood grew up with all the things Nevin never had, like plenty of money and a supportive, loving family. Too supportive, perhaps, since his childhood illness has left his parents unwilling to admit he’s a strong, grown man. Colin does do relationships, but they never work out. Now he’s thinking maybe he won’t just go with the flow. Maybe it’s time to try something more exciting. But being a witness to a terrible crime—or two—was more than he bargained for.

Despite their differences, Colin and Nevin discover that the sparks fly when they’re together. But sparks are short-lived, dampened by the advent of brutal crimes, and Colin and Nevin have seemingly little in common. The question is whether they have the heart to build something lasting.

Buy at DSP

A Demonic Christmas 

by Phoenix Hell

It's the Christmas season in 2016 and Tevan has been on the outs with his own family. But he's been living with the local pack the Zodiac pack. While working he's called to come to his friends law firm to help his ex and his ex's boyfriend; he finds out that his ex and the current boyfriend is living in a haunted mansion.

The alpha of the Zodiac pack Alejandro reveals to Tevan that they are mates while they must deal with the fact they are mates and the supernatural demons that live in the mansion.

Tevan reveals that he's the protector of Milky Way, IL and could become a god if he so desired but he doesn't.

After defeating the demons, Alejandro decides that he and Tevan must marry, so that they can watch over the city. But do the Gods allow them to do so.

And who is the dark skinned man was walking along the road wearing a dark blue suit, and a royal purple cape. And what does he want with Tevan?

Buy at Amazon

Winter Duet
by Anne Barwell

Germany 1944

Hunted for treason and the information Kristopher carries, he and Michel leave the security of their safe house to journey across Germany toward Switzerland. Caught in a series of Allied bombings, they stop to help civilians and narrowly escape capture by German forces.

While investigating a downed aircraft in the Black Forest, the two men discover an injured RAF pilot.  After they are separated, Kristopher and the pilot are discovered by a German officer who claims he is not who he appears to be. Determined to find Michel again, Kristopher has to trust the stranger and hope he is not connected to those searching for him and the information he carries. Meanwhile Michel is intercepted by one of the Allied soldiers he met in Berlin. His help is needed to save one of their own.

Time quickly runs out. Loyalties are tested and betrayed as the Gestapo closes in. Michel can only hope they can reach safety before information is revealed that could compromise not only his and Kristopher’s lives, but those of the remaining members of their team—if it is not already too late.

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