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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Itsa Itsa Itsa... Dodge Caravan!

Okay-- the days have been quiet which doesn't give me much blog-fodder, but I have a few things today.

The first is I took the Odyssey in to get the back quarter repaired today--and realized I'd forgotten to reserve a rental car. I went to the rental car place--right next door to the repair shop--and resigned myself to a long wait for Mate. Hell, I couldn't even get him on the phone.

Then the girl--who looked disconcertingly like Buffy the Vampire Slayer--and I say that with all love, because Sarah Michelle Gellar is stunningly pretty and I adored Buffy--saw me sitting in the corner, looking across the street at McDonalds and wondering if maybe I should just wait there because at least there was coffee, and said, "Wait--did you turn in a minivan?"


"So you'd want a minivan in return?"


"I can get you one of those. Just wait."

Took her ten minutes.

And she didn't have to do it. I was the moron who hadn't reserved a car. I took to Twitter and @Enterprise and sent out something making sure she got an attagirl. And they said she would.  I mean, it was just so kind-- and she didn't have to. I hope she got a gift certificate somewhere awesome--I really do.

And the car was a newer Dodge Caravan-- which is the same make/model of the one that died--literally, gave it's last gasp into a parking spot--two years ago. BTW? This one looks totally different than that one. It's like a whole new car.

The kids were very puzzled--and very excited--with the new-to-us vehicle. The dogs were highly suspicious. Apparently all bad things start with a Dodge Caravan. I'm thinking Johnnie and Geoffie might still have memories of the old one.

And after that?

Well, Quickening Part 1 got it's second to last edit, and THAT'S exciting!

Oh! And I'm making KPoP mitts for swag for Coastal Magic-- can you tell?

Well... maybe if the dogs weren't in the way...

I'm pretty embarrassed about the fingerless mitts as a swag option btw. I really don't see how anybody would want them--I'm bringing books for backup.

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Kimberly C said...

How could one not want fingerless mitts? I have had to hunt some down for myself. My hands cramp badly when they get the least bit cold, but I need my fingers free to use the keyboard, etc. So fingerless is good!

Katherine D said...

Hand-knit finger-less gloves as swag? Total yes. You might see them popping up on eBay for exorbitant amounts later on.

Devony said...

Dude!...fingerless gloves are a great item to offer😄👍🏽
Totally cannot have my fingers covered.
Even in snow weather(Cali transplant trauma!...I thought people were nuts driving in rain! Driving in snow is a whole other kind of crazy👀)
So fingerless gloves.