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Monday, January 30, 2017

Today's Agenda

Okay, so I've been known to terrify people with my agendas. 

You've seen them-- what I do during the day, and it's usually exhausting?

Well, yesterday we went to a knitting workshop on color work with the amazing Franklin Habit, and we had the best fun!!  I learned a few things (speed swatching, garter jacquard-- I feel so phisticated!)  

But today,  I'm staying with my friend, the wonderful Karen Rose, and we're here at a condo in Florida, and let's just say things run a little differently here...

*  ? o'clock-- wake up.  Get a message.

*  After message, breakfast.

*  After breakfast, walk on the beach!

*  After walk on the beach, knitting and good conversation.
* Lunch!
* More knitting and good conversation.
*  Go out to dinner
* Great TV and knitting

*  Blog a little, go to bed

Now, you all know me well enough to know this doesn't happen often in my lifetime. Tomorrow I've got a pretty busy day, including writing for deadline, and my knitting isn't just for relaxation--I'm giving away some items for swag gifts at Coastal Magic.  (I have two more pairs of the K-Pop mitts for giving away, and I'll probably have two more by the time the con starts--yay!)

And maybe I'll call some senators too. 

But sometimes the noise of our lives gets overwhelming, and that's when we feel too hopeless to fight. 

Today was a wonderful recharge of the batteries--and I'm so grateful I had the chance to spend a quiet day with a good friend. 

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Janie Friedman said...

Really glad you got to have a day like this!