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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Best Part Was I Got a Nap...

Another brilliant spring day here, folks, and I got to see some of it from the swimming pool as I did my aqua aerobics. Today was actually a pretty busy, almost normal day. Huzzah?

*  Took the dogs for their half-mile.  Took myself for aqua. Yay!

*  My aqua instructor is going to try to dye eggs using old neckties and boiling water with vinegar and twine. I want to do this too... but we don't have any silk I'm actually willing to sacrifice. A trip to the Eco-thrift may be necessary. I told her I probably couldn't make it to her house, but we could do it and put it on FaceBook and see. I'm getting all excited about this now... silk ties-- who knew?

*  Had lunch with my friend Berry Jello.  We went to the pizza place where they have every board game known to man, and my ZoomBoy got to play Jenga with her four-year-old. He's so good with little kids--his heart is the heart of a puppy, and I love that about him. Squish and Berry's daughter talked like their mothers--they looked very suburban-pre-teen sitting and chatting about reading groups and plays and Squish's birthday party. Once again, score mom!

*  And, of course, Berry Jello is a delight. She loves trying new things--right now it's essential oils, and she was waxing lyrical about how putting peppermint oil on her temples killed her migraine dead. I was like, "Where were you Saturday?" and she was, "Next time call me, I'll be right there!" And the thing is, I know she will be, because Berry Jello = Awesome. She's going to help me put swag together in mailable boxes for RT, and I love her so very much for even offering.  *smishes Berry Jello over the internet*

* Came home, caught a half-an-hour nap before Mate and I went to see Mate's soccer game. He's playing keeper in an Over 40 team, and this was their third win. It was the first time I got to see him, though, and he's quick and fit and smart--I told him this was a lot more fun to watch than his softball games, and part of that is that indoor soccer moves so much faster, but part of that is that I've been watching soccer in one form or another since Chicken was in second grade. I actually understand what they're doing.  Okay, and yeah. Softball bores me spitless.

*  Got to talk to a kid watching his father play. Oh my God-- this kid is going to be president some day. First of all, I dropped my yarn bag, and he just came and picked it up (because I was obviously old and decrepit, but still!) and then, he told me about being in Academy League soccer, and how his brothers could have played pro but for injury, and how he spoke two languages and he went to an IB school and...  And God love 12 YO boys. Granted, I have one at home, but this one was fun to borrow for the course of the game.

*  Speaking of my 12 YO-- I made him spit-take today. The conversation went:

Me: Geez, is Geoffie nuts-- what's up with her anyway?
ZB: I don't know-- maybe we should rename her "Nutty Assle".  (He says "assle" because that's somehow not a swearword. I let him get away with it because if I'm calling the dogs assholes, it's not like he didn't get it from me anyway.)
Me: No, we can't call her Nutty Asshole because that would be gross. 

At this point, the mental image hit him, his eyes grew huge, and he almost spit out the drink he'd just taken.

I walked away smug as a clam, because dudes. I made him laugh--and seriously?  I've got about three  years before I'm stealing his material.

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