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Thursday, March 24, 2016

And For These Things I'm Happy

This is me, happy. (Okay-- it's Johnnie, happy, but I feel like this a lot, so he's taking my dork rap.)
A FB Reader made this for me-- she made all of them! Nikki Fournier, you've made my WEEK! This one is for Gi-Gi from Deep of the Sound.

This one is for the Candy Man books-- the first one in particular. I told Nikki that I used to try to get my students to make these when I taught-- a graphic organizer with quotes from the book. I love that Nicki did this just on her own.

This one is for The Winter Courtship of Fur Bearing Critters. And I can never get enough animated alpacas. 

This one is just very me. Thanks, Rhae, for putting this one on FB.

This one is NOT me--I mean it LOOKS like me, and the books are mine, however, if you read the bio, there might be something amok. Thanks to Tawny who took the screen shot-- I actually told Google a month ago that this was about the wrong Amy Lane, and I've even gotten letters for the other Amy Lane in my e-mail. I really think Google should fix this, don't you?

This used to be my wrap, the lovely one with all the fluid drape? And then there was a drier when there should have been no drier. Now It is a thing Squish cuddles, because it's soft.
But it used to be my wrap.
And seeing it like this does not make me happy, but on the plus side? This here is a guilt free trip to the yarn store. And maybe my grief will ease just a tad.

And these are our morning assles. Good morning, assles, do you feel like dropping more Easter Eggs on the neighbors' lawn?

And there you go. It's actually been a sort of boring day-- I caught up on scads of sleep, which apparently my body needed, and actually did some work, which my job needed, and I made the kids pick up dog poop, which the lawn AND the Easter Bunny needed.

And my friends sort of did the rest-- thanks to everyone who posted lovely things for me today. It really did make me SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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