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Friday, December 11, 2015

Of Hats and Heathens

Okay-- so three things, and then I'm going to call it a night:

A. Back when I was teaching, I used to walk a mile four or so days a week. It's not a lot, but my job was pretty energy intensive, and it got so I was fat and fast. I could walk across our campus pretty swiftly if I say so myself.  My feet got bad, I lost the teaching job and sat around on my rump feeling sorry for myself, I gained weight, my feet got worse, and aqua was my only hope. Lately, I've been feeling the need to join the world of the land-based mammals.

At first it was just a lap. A quarter of a mile, with dogs. Then it was the long lap, then I added a block, and it was a half a mile, every day, even when I had aqua.  My plan was to go up to a mile on the days I didn't have aqua, so that maybe I could walk quickly again and not feel like covering miles in a hotel during a con was gonna frickin' kill me.

Well, today I walked a mile--the same route I used before. I have to admit, walking it in the daylight helped (there is a post from about six or seven years ago about seeing a gun thrown on the ground by a car near a house of really bad repute) and having the very puzzled dogs with me gave me impetus. (They slept, by the way, when I got back. And I mean SLEPT.)  Anyway-- that's my little victory. If I keep it up for six weeks--or even improve on it--then I'll consider myself one step closer to the territory of the land-mammals. It's not bad.

B. Squish usually, on Thursdays, wakes me up so I can do her hair in the morning. She has to be at school early, so it's easier for Mate to drop her off before Zoomboy, and, hey, sleeping in!

This morning, she forgot.

This afternoon, in school, she had a choir performance at a nearby Ladies Auxiliary.

I picked her up and... well, you can see her.  I flailed, her hair flailed, her father said, "Well, she was wearing her pink hat!" and Squish? Sucked on her candy cane and said, "Yeah. Sorry about that."

And I'm sure the Ladies Auxiliary had a lot to say when her hair left the room.


C.  I am actually working on the Force Awakens Hat-- and I'm not sure if ZB knows what I"m working on or not. But he helped my wind the yarn. And I'm midway through the first stripe.

 And spazzing out about the last one.

And really, sort of excited--it's been a long time since I've done something this complex.

Cross fingers, everyone!

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