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Friday, May 22, 2015


Okay-- I pronounce it "me-mes" and my family pronounces it "meemzz" but either way you slice it, they're a fun way to communicate.

In the last couple of weeks, I've seen a few, uhm, ME-memes-- fans, supposed friends, that sort of thing, have made some memes for ME. Add to that a contest (that I still need to judge) in which people tried to amuse me with memes, and my own restless internet feed and, well…

I know what I'm doing when I'm sick.

Enjoy the ME-memes.

I know I did.

This first one was made by Rhae, who answered that age old question, "Where do all the mismatched socks go?"

These next were sent to me by my Italian fans-- bless you all. I love how they saw Deacon and Crick, don't you?

I have NO idea where I found this one-- but I adore it so much.  It was on my phone, so if anyone knows the attribution, I'd be happy to post it!

This one was… well, painfully true. And I always loved that witch.

 This one was on the contest that I held on FB yesterday (as was the one above, I think) and I just felt so bad for that little pug. Poor little rotter will never get to ride a broom.

I'd like to thank Rhae, my FB buddy for this one...

This one was just… well, also true!

 Friend sent me this one. Also true.
Thanks, Mary my Mary. Thanks a lot.

And whoever came up with this one? It's like you live in my kitchen. Get out. Get out now. You're not doing any of the cleaning and I suspect you're eating my cookies.

Now I'm taking two Nyquil and going to bed. Actually, I should probably take two NyQuil while IN bed. That's probably safer. Night!


Anonymous said...

I sent you the manatee. A long time ago.


Rhae Camdyn said...

Yes,my beloved Amy...Now YOU can have the Wisdom of the Ages with a 5 second gulp of Tarnation Insta-Snark! Love ya'!