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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I blame public television because...

* I walked in on the short people as they were watching Kim Possible, and Ladybug was on Cave Troll's back giving a two hand yank on the kid's underwear. Yup, you guessed it-- Disney taught my three year old the power wedgie.

* The teenagers and I spent a giddy five minutes coming up with acronyms for swear words. The movie Madagascar gave us 'Sugar Honey Ice Tea', Big T gave us 'Fricking Uncle Cracker King', and Chicken came up with 'Cracker Rice Arsenic Pee'-- but I was the genius who developed 'Good Orangutuangs Don't Dick Around Mentally Masturbating In Trees.'

* Ladybug fell asleep today after rolling off a big stuffed dog and into the corner of the living room next to the toy chest. When I told her father this, he looked around Chiquita the dog and said, "I didn't see her. The dog was in the way."

I looked at the giant stuffed St. Bernard she was underneath. "Two, in fact." That got me a smile from a very tired Mate--not poetry, but it was all good.


KnitTech said...

Don't forget: dorks under managers banter about senseless statements.

Isn't it amazing how kids can fall asleep anywhere?

Donna Lee said...

Good acronyms. I'd bet the short ones figure it out pretty quickly, though. They're too smart.

Roxie said...

You need an acronym for crap? I thought crap was an acceptable expletive.

The buglet is ready for life if she already knows how to give a power wedgie. The only question: is life ready for her?

Welcome home!

Galad said...

Power wedgies can be an important life skill!

The acronyms were great. Sounds like a fun time.

DecRaink said...

LOl I love Disney.... it offers fun alternatives for swearing. I now find myself saying Sweet Niblets.

I love the stories/quips you tell about your kids.... you all be as crazy as my family. So nice to know we aren't alone out there :-P