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Monday, June 15, 2009

Thin wallets, fat fantasy lives...

Okay-- we really are broke. Mate and I are planning a stunning diet of pb &j while on vacation, and at my last two trips to the yarn store, I *gasp* only knit, and bought no more stash. However, it's interesting how creative you can get amusing yourself when you can afford nothing but soda and otter pops, and here are some examples:

* A week and a half ago, we actually WOKE CHICKEN UP LAUGHING. What were we laughing at, praytell? Why, Mom's traffic video, showing her blowing through a right hand turn on a red light. Granted, Dad thought it was a whole lot funnier than mom, but he got a good 1/2 an hours enjoyment out of that--and we had our own popcorn.

* I was recently caught bemoaning the fact that I couldn't buy any more books, e-books or otherwise, and a friend (Jen B, I LOVE you!) actually bought me a copy of Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux' 'Cut & Run'. (m/m romance fans, it's a keeper!) In return, she's getting the pair of Mini-Moschi socks I'm currently working on. The fact that they're rainbow colored socks in exchange for a gay romance has been cracking me up steadily for a week.

* Since the abominable fuckers in my 2nd period made off with Disc 2 of Season 1 of The Greatest Television Show Ever, I was devastated that I couldn't find any copies under $20--until I tearfully asked Knittech if she knew where a reasonably priced copy could be obtained. She is generously accepting stash for Supernatural--and besides the entertainment of the show itself, I am happily amused by this as well.

* Chicken has figured out how to hook my computer up to to the boom box I brought home from school in order to more easily broadcast our i-Tunes collection over the house. Both entertaining and not involving any purchases on our part or small things like i-Pods or cell phones that can get lost. Again. Good move, Chicken!

* Oh yeah--and instead of going to the movies yesterday (as common sense would have DEMANDED had we had any cash whatsoever) we cleaned house instead. Not that this was particularly entertaining in a 'ha-ha' sense, but it was a perfectly acceptable way to pass the time.

* And, you know, now that I've written the, uhm, big, uhm, sex scene for Rampant, i could always FINISH THE DAMNED BOOK ALREADY. That's good for many of us, right?

* And the next Jack & Teague short.

* And let us not forget the essay on why Brutus tops Cassius! (Besides the fact that Cassius is an insecure whiny little bitch and Brutus needs to do SOMETHING to get him to shut up, that is!)

Yup, it's gonna be a cash-free rollicking party of a summer, I can tell you that already!

Hey--next time I blog, I might be in Colorado. *oooooooooooooohhhhhh*


Julie said...

You've reminded me of being a teenager and awakened by my parents laughing in the middle of the night. A good memory. Thanks for that.

We appear to be broke all the time.. our idea of fun is board games and cards. Something to keep in mind if you get desperate toward the end of summer. Or better, do what my geeky friends and I used to do, and make up your own games.

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

Just wondering what part of Colorado?

TinkingBell said...

Karaoke and rocjstar.

I'll say no more.

TinkingBell said...


That was meant to be pithy and say 'rockstar'

Roxie said...

Maybe Chicken could give the short people dance lessons. Hey kids, we could put on a show!

Major sex scene? (Roxie has ears perked up and tail wagging eagerly.)

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

Hey I will be in Denver on Friday and I have a gift card for Formal High Tea at Could I take you two out for lunch? I hear that it is a lot of food.

Louiz said...

Hope you have a good holiday - I hear tidying is the next big thing (I'm in the same position. We spent last Saturday shovelling out the stuff in our sitting room. Good times). You can always make magazine collages - cut and stick. Well, it keeps Kathryn amused.

Donna Lee said...

I had two summers like that when my girls were little. We used the local library for story hour, video rentals (free!) and for armloads of books. We played at the park, ate outside alot (funny how entertaining a picnic is, no matter what the food is) and they remember that time fondly. Having a sense of humor helps.

I've always wanted to see Colorado. Take lots of photos!

Galad said...

It sounds like a fun summer even without much money. Vacation is good no matter what!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Sounds like you have plenty going on :)

KnitTech said...

Enjoy summer, you'll find plenty to do with no money.

ismarah said...

Happy anniversary Amy and Mate

DecRaink said...

jack and teague AND Rampant. YOOHOO! lol glad that you have been having a good time despite the no cash