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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Colorado Quickie

* Met Michelle from Colorado--in brief: Seven buckets of awesome, and she bought me lunch! (And gifts. I don't know why, but the the gifts were so wonderful I mostly tucked them under my arm and ran with them--you CAN'T have my hand quilted sock bag back, you just CAN'T!) Pictures to follow next week--Michelle, Mate and I had a BLAST!

* While we were eating 'High Tea' (mmmmm...) there was a Denver native cycling by blasting Queen from a portable car speaker. Curious. Very curious.

* We took note of the following warning sign: Attention: Correctional facility 1/2 a mile away. Do NOT pick up hitchhikers.
I shit you not.

* The road from Denver to Granby is 3x as terrifying at night.

* Granby falls is a lovely little tourist trap. Mate and I fell in happily.

* *pant* *gasp* *wheeze* 3/10 of a mile my ASS! *wheeze* *gasp* *pant* Yes folks, the air IS that thin--but the little hike was so worth it. Did I mention pictures when I get home?

* We're off to visit friends now--I'm going to spend all Monday catching up on blogs! (Am looking forward to it!)


KnitTech said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Galad said...

Sounds like a great trip so far!

NeedleTart said...

On the road between here and YS's college there is the same sign: Prison nearby, do not pick up hitch-hikers. Then when you get out of "prison range" there is a sign letting you know. Presumably that means you can now pick up hitch-hikers.
Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time.

Roxie said...

Bravo! What fun for you! And now I know not to try to hitchhike around prisons.

Waiting eagerly for photos.