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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Uhm... tada?

So, I had a series of e-mails with my editor and beta reader today.

"I'm almost done. Can it be 65K?"

"No! 60K."

"I think that could work. Maybe I can do a novella afterward. Would that be okay?"

"Sure. Not a problem."

"Okay. So, by the end of this week."

I had the same conversation with my beta reader.

"So, I think it's wrapping up. You do realize that if this wasn't a Dreamspun Desire, I'd be writing frickin' Brian's Song--you DO know that, right?"

"I am aware."

"I think I'm angst deprived."

"You can't do that here."

"I could make him REALLY sick."

"Don't you dare."

"Fine. I'll finish this week."

"You should finish with a wedding."

"You think?"


"Maybe a proposal.  We'll see tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday."


So, uh, yeah.

I finished tonight.

It's 58K.

There might be room for a wedding at the end.

But right now, I just had a 7K day, because that's what happens when you're released from edits and blog tours and a thousand things that go along with writing but are not actually writing.


I'm done.


(and btw? I'm working on the third Manny book. So now you know :-)

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