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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Checking In...

Okay-- I'll admit it. I'm falling asleep at 10 pm.  I'm pretty sure this is why I usually require a day of recovery after traveling.


I had THE perfect idea for today's blog post... and it's gone now.

I will tell you that the dogs slobbered over me for an hour last night. The cat was blocking my exit from the bed this morning. ZoomBoy laid down next to me for fifteen minutes to tell me he was reading Anne Frank in English class. And Squish was late to school because I spent extra time on her hair.

And tonight I cooked.

I managed to fuck up grilled cheese and glorify tater tots-- but I cooked. 

Frankly, it may be the most productive thing I do all day.

If I wake up tomorrow, I've got a fun post planned though...

Tune in tomorrow to see if I get interesting!

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