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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Weekend Wrap Up

Where does the damned weekend go?


*  Walk the dogs in the park

* Take Squish to soccer

* Drop her and Zoomboy off where Chicken is babysitting for Berry Jello

* Look at Mate in surprise because, uh, SURPRISE! we have the afternoon together

* Go out to dinner

*  Watch a movie together.

* Whee!!!

*  After Chicken drops ZoomBoy off (Squish stayed the night), stay up late writing Sammy!

* Get up early to pick Squish up and take family to go see Beauty and the Beast.

* Turn to Mate at the end of the movie and say "Legion?"-- FTR? Yes, Legion.

*  Get excited because I've discovered the artist who did the finale song for The Equalizer.  He's awesome.

*  Get home and take care of a few e-mails while listening to Kung Fu Panda which is on FX.

*  Hear a commercial trying to sell a book in which an incompetent lunatic convinces the gullible of a good president's "deep state and almost lose my mind, screaming, "WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK IS THAT?"

* Hear my son reply--without missing a beat-- "A commercial for firewood."

* Decide that I may actually be raising my kids decent.

*  Go grocery shopping so I can feed those decent kids.

*  Come home and join the great house cleaning frenzy for Squish's birthday next week.

* Wish bitterly we cleaned house EVERY week so this shit didn't build up!

*  Be grateful that Mate decided to cook tonight so I can clean.  I know he thinks he was punishing me, but seriously. I"m about done with cooking.

*  Watch We Wait in the Shadows with Big T and Chicken (who are over doing laundry). Laugh my ass off.

*  Retire to my computer while family is in the middle of the campy wackiness of Gremlins and try to get some work done.

*  Thank all you nice people who have read and loved Bonfires for being so kind and sharing your opinion.

* Wish you all a good night!

*  Promise to put up the Blog Tour Goodness as soon as most of the links are posted!


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