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Monday, February 27, 2017

We did something!

He's "blupping".
Still not stalking you... forever and ever and ever...
*Note-- I tweeted some of these pictures and events. I went back and copied some of the tweets as captions, cause, uh, it's late, and I'm not that funny even when I'm NOT tired!

So, one of my biggest fears of having the kids for a week at home is that all they will end up doing is sitting around watching videos while mom works. 

ZB: I love going to the zoo-- it's like a giant game of find the thing! Squish: Waldo....
Well, I"m not saying I couldn't have gotten some work in last week (boy I am writing slides most of tomorrow. Yeesh!) But I DEFINITELY got some stuff done with the kids this last week.

On Monday and Wednesday they had rehearsal for their performance at the basketball arena, on Tuesday they had hair cuts, on Thursday they had mani-pedis (ZB got emerald green on his toes), and on Friday, they had the performance at the arena AFTER Squish played soccer. 


And on Saturday, we went with my friend Berry Jello to the zoo. 

Zoomboy does the zoo...
And today was all about folding clothes, washing dishes and sleeping off giant headaches. 

We have not yet ventured into the day, but we have sat for hours and stared yearningly into the light...
So yeah. 

I think it's safe to say we did something!

Tiger, tigering...
We are evil giraffes...

ZoomBoy: Did you see that chimpanzee? He pooped in his hand and ate it! Chicken: Who needs two girls/one cup? Me: *walks away*

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