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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Super Quick Things

 *waves madly*

Sorry about spacing last night-- I was finishing a presentation, and once it was done, I realized, "Hey! I've tweaked my neck and I can't sit at the computer anymore!"

But presentation done, and now it's on to pack-- I'm going to Florida for DSP Weekend (the publisher's conference we all look forward too every year :-) and I'm PHEW... sort of behind.

Anyway-- I have TWO audiobooks out in the span of a week, and yes, I'll remind you on Kermit Flail but I thought I'd mention them now!  

The first is Virgin Manny, and it's a new narrator but I love him VERY much!

The second is Winter Ball and I THINK the reason this took so long to be released is that Nick J. Russo did the narration-- and he's one of my FAVORITE narrators and very much in demand.

So I"m excited about this--and I hope you are too!

Also--and I'll be announcing this during Kermit Flail, but I've done an interview with the AMAZING Damon Suede for his new book, Lickety Split-- It should be up on March 13th or so.  I don't do reviews much anymore, BUT I HAVE read this book. And loved it. So very very very much. So that love inspired the interview questions--and I hope you'll join me here when that goes up!

And that's about it-- gotta go run and pack!  We're driving up to San Francisco so Mate can drop me off at a crappy hotel. From there, the inestimable Ms. Juliane Bentley and myself will shuttle to the airport at 5 a.m., and then to Florida!

I'm so excited--I see so many friends there!

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Rhae Camdyn said...

Safe Journeys!!! Come home soon!