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Monday, January 18, 2016

Change? We Fear Change!

Thanks, M/M Romance Group!

(Although it is going to tickle me to be the winner of an award for Best Sex Industry books for a very long time. It might even help to make me a cooler mom-- you never know ;-)


Mate did a very nice thing for me today.  He moved my office from the kitchen table to the computer desk in the corner of the living room, and on the one hand, yayayayay!  I am not LOOKING AT THE FRIDGE when I'm bored!

On the other hand... Change? I fear change.

The kitchen table is still a mess though, and I am gradually schlepping things I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT to my new digs. It's... a transition.

Mate and I are not generally good with transitions.

We dislike them. We grow feral, surrounding ourselves with clothes that don't fit, shoes we don't wear, bills we have paid but don't want to get rid of...

We fear change.

But, yanno?

I have a desk. That's not in the kitchen. Maybe I can clear out some of the yarn boxes and the books... and, you know. Maybe, put my office equipment here.

Little change.

Incremental changes.

Change can be good.

But first I need to do something about this back corner--because instead of the refrigerator, I'm staring at the great beyond, and that's no bueno.

But... I can change it.  Right? Can I change it?

*contemplates change*

1 comment:

Janie Friedman said...

Congratulations! And just hunker down, shivering occasionally, until the change is less...changey...