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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5 Unrelated Things With Pictures

1. This is still not enough coffee. Now you know.

 2. Fans are the bestest. This is what happens when Mary Calmes starts a debate over who's more of a douche--Scott from Johnnies or Robbie from Candy Man. And then the words "code black angst" are thrown around. Yes. Mary-- I blame you. 

3.  I posted this on Twitter several weeks ago. It still doesn't inspire me to want seafood--and, in fact, I have a burning urge to see Independence Day 2, so I know those things have been conquered once and for all. 

4. The King's Game. Or, as those of us who love the Kings, hate losing, and have read my books call it: Waiting for Karcek.

5. I'm making some worsted weight socks with cables. I love them--but they're made for a size medium foot. I'm pretty sure the person they're for will guess before they show up in the mail, but we'll have to see. 

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Janie Friedman said...

Heh. Waiting for Karcek. Heh.