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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Snark

Okay, my friend Marie Sexton who has this whole blog-promotion thing down WAY better than I ever will, has this thing called Saturday Snark, where you post your characters saying something snarky.  I figure my characters have snark to spare, so I thought I'd participate.  Patrick and Whiskey have been making a lot of friends recently, so I figured I'd start there, although I've got some Deacon lines I'd REALLY like to throw in, because he's got some rather hidden snark in there that he doesn't get a lot of credit for.  That's okay.  I think Marie's going to be doing this for a while.  

If you follow the link above, you will find a bunch of other authors, posting THEIR snark, and basically, it's supposed to be a very fun, snarky tour through other people's books!  Thanks, Marie, for the opportunity to snark!

So this is Patrick, explaining how Ritalin effects his widdo cortex:

Whiskey shook his head.  "Uhm, what's gonna be different about you?"

"With the LBP?"  (Little Brown Pill)

"Yeah.  what's it do to you?"

Patrick pretended to think.  "Well, first I get hella horny, and then I start humping the furniture."


Dakota Trace said...

Oh my god...that's too funny...makes me happy that it doesn't affect my son that for the giggle.

Roxie said...

The dog is looking quite nervous now.

mary gresham said...

I just read the book last night and loved it. When I read this line I had a mouth full of Dr. Pepper. lets just say I kept most of it in my mouth!

Rawiya said...

Thants hilarious.

I bought this book yesterday. Looking forward to it!

DecRaink said...

thats great!

the link did not work for me though

Adara said...

Must read this story soon!

Donna Lee said...

I think the lbp would sell even more if they advertised it that way!

And superheroes, hmm. I spent an hour helping a mentally challenged woman fight the system to find out about her insurance benefits. Thankfully I found a sweet young woman who was willing to go the extra mile for us. It's my job but it so seldom works out that well that I carried that feeling with me for hours.

mountie123 said...

Thanks for joining in the fun Amy. I just discovered the Saturday Snarks and and am chasing the rainbow today. Love, love, love snark. You do it so well. :-)