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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mama Got the Bug

Came home with a virus, and then wrote about 8,000 words in two days. (It's nanowrimo-don't know what to tellyou. This year I thought I'd make it official!)

Anyway, I'm sort of sick and really sleepy, so I think I'm gonna go knit, and leave you with the following pictures to assuage my guilt. Enjoy! (Oh yeah-- signed my Jack & Teague & Katy contract today-- the books will be released every other month next year, starting in February. I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it!)


Louiz said...

Oh No:(

Hope it goes as fast as it arrived.

Roxie said...

OMIGAWD! A signed contract? Squeeee! You rock, Amy! You totally rock!

Hope you get well soon - not that it slows you down much.

KnitTech said...

Sorry to hear about the bug. It is going around up here also. The kids look so cute.

DecRaink said...

Hope you feel better soon!