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Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Much To Report--So Few Pictures!

Okay-- firstly and most importantly-- you WILL have a picture of Zoomboy in his VERY original costume tomorrow. It was precious, there's a story behind it, and, well, Mate's got the pictures and I'm trying to post NOW so, you'll see it tomorrow.

Second of all--of the two lovely ladies in the picture from Yaoi-Con, the one I want to give kudos is NOT the stunningly beautiful and very charming Marie Sexton in the middle (although, yanno, she ain't bad atall!) No, I want to give thanks and bows and hugs and knit long-johns on size 1 needles to the equally beautiful (and yet badly photographed, and I can't believe I didn't get a better one) Mary Calmes (pronounce it 'Calmay', acuzza that's the way it's pronounced!)

Mary was my bestest bestest friend during yaoi-con--we roomed together, talked until one in the morning, compared notes when we went different places and watched out for each other (her for me more than me for her, mostly because I seem to need a keeper, and she had the warmest, most comprehensive sense of 'keeping' a person safe as anyone I've ever met). Anyway, she was awesome--EVERYONE was awesome, and I've got a picture of some lovely writers--but only one--and no pictures of Ariel and Elizabeth and Lynn and Connie and Nikki and Chris and Juliette and Andrew and all of the other lovely people that I met and chatted with and fell instantly, irrevocably in love with at first sight. (Never again will I roll my eyes and laugh at that trope in a romance book-- apparently it CAN happen, even if it's platonic love and not romantic love.)

But Mary was the awesomesauce on top of the awesome cake, and I adored her--and obviously, I had an amazing time.

*whew* Well, I'm sure some of those stories will come out (including the look of utter incredulity on Lynn's face when I confessed that I might have been a wee bit timid before I hit thirty. And Andrew's priceless response of, "Yes you were timid. In the WOMB!" ) but, in the meantime, there was ALSO Halloween, and short people did precious things that need to be reported.

Okay--first of all, MUST discuss Zoomboy's costume. Thought I could get away with it. Couldn't. Zoomboy was going to wear his ninja costume that grandma got him--and he DID. But while at yoai-con, I spent most of my money on presents for the kids, and Zoomboy's present was, well, a fish hat. It was a piranha with a wide mouth, eating his head. He wore it with the ninja outfit.

Knock-knock-knock-- "Trick or treat!"

"Hello, what are you?"

"I'm a ninja who didn't have any brains and then the shark tried to eat my brains but now it's starving."

"That's nice kid, here, have some candy!"


And then there was Cinder-Squish (pictured at her daycare Halloween party with her best friend in the world:-) Squish had to make comments at almost every house.

"You have lovely decorations!"

"Why thank you!"

"Happy Halloween!"

And then, as she was coming down a walkway, there was a gentleman all dressed up as a cadaverous coachman, and she said, "I like your costume!"

"Why thank you. You look very beautiful yourself."

"I know. Happy Halloween!"


And to make the whole holliday awesomesauce, I got home from yaoi-con feeling a little sick (I came down with a cold the first night--thanks to Mary and her magic giant motrin, it didn't really screw up my time, but I was pretty tired when I got back) and a little like hunkering down to knit and...

Mate and the kids had cleaned and decorated, and I almost cried.

There really IS no place like home!

That, and Big T got dressed and went and trick-or-treated with what looks to be a sweetie who adores him (mom is happy!) and Chicken and her friend Stivie trick-or-treated too (and a lot of teenagers showed up at our door) and basically, I love it when happy, well behaved teenagers go out and do happy, little-kid things, because trick-or-treating is an under-rated pleasure, and it makes me happy when teenagers recognize that it's a helluva lot better than getting drunk and throwing up. Of course, it's been a while since Chicken has been trick-or-treating--she was supposed to come home with candy. What she came home with in actuality was a little gray kitten, whom we're CALLING Candy, until she can go back to the houses surrounding where she found the little goober and see where Candy belongs. I told her she was doing it wrong--sugar, not kitties--and she seemed to feel this was uncalled for. Well, really? Who goes trick-or-treating for candy and comes home with a cat?

Apparently, Chickens.

Anyway, and now there's a whole other happy...

Jack and Teague are going to be taken down from the website. Why? Because Torquere Press is going to publish them as e-novellas for their BareBAck Angels menage line. If sales are high enough? They're going to put them out in print. C'mon, guys--help me make sure the sales are high enough, yeah?

Seriously-- I'm thrilled. That's my Little Goddess, getting out there some more, and more people willing to embrace Vulnerable in spite of the shitacular editing, and if that happens, I may be able to start Quickening a little sooner than planned. HUZZAH!

And now? I'm tired. I'm gonna go lie down with Zoomboy and cuddle.



Roxie said...

Woot indeed! What a glorious weekend for you! It's a shame Squish is so shy and tongue-tied, though. Where do you suppose she gets it? And what will SHE be like after 30?

Louiz said...

Sounds fabulous:)

Donna Lee said...

"and a good time was had by all".

I break down in tears when my family does something like that. I guess I'm just not ever expecting it.

DecRaink said...

uummmm ummm ummmm welllll

Chicken actually had a good idea there. See, near my house there are a LOT of stray cats. It seems that at least one had kittens and for some reason about 5 cats (one was a kitten) decided to chill at my house for Halloween last night. We HAVE our own cat, we cant have anymore, and we are tired of the kitties pooing in our backyard and driving out dog and cat insane. So we told the trick or treat-ers they were strays and to take them.
One, a teenager with adult supervision, actually took the kitten along with some candy. So kitties are perfectly fine things for Halloween!

Galad said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and Squish looks adorable. Can't wait to see the fish headed ninja :-)

KnitTech said...

What a fun time. No can't be coming down with something. You don't have time for it.