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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote for MMMMEEEE!!!

Okay-- real blog post coming, I SWEAR! But it's opening day for soccer (which is huge and exhausting with three kids on the field) and when I checked my e-mail this morning I saw that "Whim" was up for Book of the Week over HERE! So, uhm, while I'm running around trying to watch Squish, Zoomboy, and Chicken play their two exhibition games (after Squish had a game last night!) could y'all do me a solid and vote for me?


I SWEAR--a real blog post tonight or tomorrow! Honest!


Roxie said...

voted! Best of luck! Great review.

Luck at the games - (Like you won't be wishing you could check your ratings every five minutes.)

KnitTech said...

You're tied for first!

E.J. Stevens said...

Hi Amy! I just popped over and voted for Whim. :)

From the Shadows

Louiz said...

duly voted

Donna Lee said...

What a busy day! Everyone had 2 soccer game? That's crazy.

You and Mate are great parents. I remember the nutsiness of trying to get to events all happening simultaneously and going seriously crazy.