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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Look at poor Guest Dog Gibbs-- doesn't she look jealous? Soooo jealous-- she doesn't have a costume either. 

*sigh* Poor Gibbs-- we're going to have to buy her a costume so she doesn't feel left out. 

Chicken suggested a pirate since we have a lobster and a spider. Then she suggested a skirt--because her cat, Mrs. Poopy Butthole looks ever so fetching in one, and Chicken wants to share. 

Anyway, Something--she just looks so sad and alone without her own little lesson in humiliation, doesn't she?

So, it's getting to be that time again--I told ZoomBoy he should go Trick-Or-Treating and he was like, "Yeah, but when does it stop?"

I was like, "When your little sister declares Trick-Or-Treating passe, then we shall be completely done with the ritual. Until then, you will only get upset because you'll feel like you're missing out. 

And I have to admit--he and his brother had a good time decorating the house.

I know you can't see it, but back behind the pumpkin is a "cat mummy" that looks a whole lot like Gordie did, when he was alive. Since we've got three cats, a number of rats, a guinea pig, some fish and a hamster buried in that vinca patch there in front of the house, we do get a kick out of putting little plastic animal skeletons around it, with headstones. 

We are sick, sick people around Halloween.

I mean, just look at the poor dogs. I mean... sad. Just sick and sad.

I'm pretty sure Johnnie has ditched the lobster costume under the bed where he knows we can't get to it. 

*evil laugh*

We'll just have to think of something worse to put him in next year. 


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