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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Birthday Weekend

First of all, thank you. I'm not sure I got to everybody's good wishes, but there were a lot of them, and I was touched--thank you all so much.

The weekend was... well, what it usually is. Busy. Not spectacular--just... you know. Busy.

Soccer yesterday, followed by a quick house-clean, followed by dinner with the kids:

Chicken: "Oh my God. Where are we?"

Me: "Cattle Rustlers. That steak place on Sunrise I wanted to try. I told you this when you woke me up from my nap to make sure I was alive."

Chicken: "Yeah, Mom. You know what else is on Sunrise?"

Me: "Sunrise Mall, Target, Chipotle, the noodle place, Barnes & Nobles--"

Chicken: "Chili's!"

Me: "OH! Yeah, no. I thought we'd try this."

Chicken: "It's the tackiest decor I've ever seen in my life."

ZoomBoy: "Buffalo wings? I want buffalo wings!"

Me: "See? We're staying."

For the record, Squish and I got indigestion, and the kids spent all night telling me I was officially their old mother.

For revenge, I made them watch Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2.  

Because it was my birthday dammit.

I also had a Klondike bar.

Cause yum.

Mate called around 11:30 p.m., and we made an amazing discovery. He was calling Sunday morning, and it was still Saturday night--and since Mate's birthday is October 1st and mine is September 30th, this meant we turned fifty on the same day. 

Heh heh heh...

Oh... and I have to add...

I am on chat with all the guys Mate was going to Germany with, and Mate himself. I will not give you particulars or names, but I will give you a general sense of what I got to read over the weekend:

Day 1--the meet in Seattle. Everybody has different flights: Who's in Seattle? I'm in Seattle? Where are you? At the bar right here. Okay, are you drunk yet? I'm on my third. Where are you? We haven't gotten on the plane yet--keep drinking!  Oh shit! I missed my flight because San Francisco was fucking bug nuts! See you all tomorrow!!!! (Not Mate--but I felt bad for that guy because it was a short trip as is.)

Day 2-- The monastery? Yay! Public transportation for an hour and a half there, a long hike up a steep hill, and public transport back! BEER! OMG WE NEED BEER! We're meeting in this place. The Beer Garden. Do we have a street number? We're lost again. Cross street? Address? Anything? Uh... BierGarten. Awesome. Thanks. Oh hey--look at our waiter--he's 25 and living out of a suitcase--he's LIVING THE LIFE WE ALWAYS WANTED!  And he keeps serving us beer! We LOVE our waiter! And that guy's lost his keys again. Poor that guy. Geez, I hope he gets in his room!

Day 3--WE ARE ALL DRESSED IN LEDERHOSEN!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 To refresh your memories, I give you a picture of Mate:

They were ALL DRESSED in lederhosen. They were so cute I could have died. Yeah, I know, pictures or it didn't happen, but even if nobody believes me, I know it's true. It did. It did happen. I will have the memory of those pictures to keep me warm at night. *hugs them tight to chest*  

Day 4: Best trip ever! I love you man! Love you guys so much! Love you!  Safe travels! Love you!

And I gotta say, I can't even giggle at that last one, because Mate hangs with decent, fun, happy guys, and they looked like they had a blast. 

And I'm so glad. My Mate really did deserve the trip of a lifetime.

But, uh... that didn't stop me from showing that picture up there to every parent on the soccer team, to explain why he wasn't there this weekend.

Heh heh heh heh heh...

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