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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I may survive...

Oi, yesterday was long.

But one of those magic things happened in the plane--I used the plane wifi for a couple of hours before my phone got to about half-charge, and then I stuck to Kindle, and in that time, we switched to  CMT.

So, little beknownst to ME, the time  on my phone was only an an hour behind PST--not three.

Which meant, there I was, going, "Crap. An hour and a half. I've got an hour and a half. Dammit." And RIGHT then, the captain said, "Folks, we're forty-five miles from Sacramento."

I almost cried.

Yes--I know, usually this whole fingertip relationship I have with time can be sort of a pain in the ass, but you gotta admit, that moment was more blessing than curse.

Anyway--Mate, kids, dogs, cats, all are where I left them.

The workload, of course, has gotten HUMONGULOUS. But I can deal.

Oh, baby--I'm HOME.


And for those folks who have written me to say thank you for persevering to put out Quickeing--thank you for hanging in there!

Oh-- and Quickening Volume 2 is out June 13th :-)

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