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Sunday, May 14, 2017

A weekend of rest...

Mate takes a family selfie before we leave for movie tonight.

Thursday night I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with Mate, and it was AWESOME, and we've been listening to the soundtrack all weekend, but we didn't get a lot of sleep, cause, you know, out late, so it was good that we had the next three days to rest.

Sort of...

Friday-- Kids to school, dogs for a walk, skip aqua, go shopping, put away groceries, work for two hours, manage a shower, go get the kids, bring Squish home to change into soccer clothes, take her to her game at 4:25. She shoots, she scores! Get her home, cook dinner, send Mate off to his late night game, stay up late and write...

Saturday-- Get up, eat breakfast, take dogs out for a walk, get coffee, get dogs home, change clothes, go for Mother's day pedicure with stepmom and stepsister-- tell stepmom her table scarf was A-MA-ZING cause hey, it was, and the little matching bag that went with it was even better--I have branded stuff to sign with now, huzzah!  Meet Mate and Squish's OTHER game, no scoring, then take ZB to get fitted for his costume for dance, pick Big T up on the way home, pick Mate and the kids up including Chicken and take everybody to meet his Mom for Mother's Day, YAY, pack everyone up, go home, fall asleep in front of the computer at 11:30, sorry!

Sunday-- Wake Mate up at 7 so he can take cat to vet, find out I got the day wrong and apologize profusely, although Mate brought me coffee which makes him a superhero.  Call bio-Mom, wish her Happy Mother's Day, go pick her up for lunch at Panera and--

Okay... brief detour here.

So, we were driving down the road on the way to Panera when we saw a restaurant called Twin Peaks, and we thought, hey, why not.

We dragged the kids--and my mom, who is... okay. She's crazy. I've said this before. Today's crazy was giving the kids a little lunchbox shaped coffin of old electronics including an aging Nokia and then handing me $3 to go "charge the iPhone and buy it a new battery."  I have to say, one of my proudest moments as a mom was when ZoomBoy said, "Thank you, Grandma, that was really nice of you," when, in fact, he's 13 and really able with electronics and recognizes batshit crazy when he sees it.

So, suffice it to say, my mom was a little overwhelmed by a loud sports bar.

And Mate and I were a bit bemused to realize that Twin Peaks did not, in fact, refer to the rustic mountain decor, but rather to the waitresses' skimpy tops and their, uh, twin peaks.

The kids were also mortified.

When the neighborhood birds drink the unicorn frappes and
then crap on your window.
We sat outside--and it was REALLY chilly for California in May, and I looked at Mate at one point, after our waitress had come by. I was shivering so hard my teeth chattered, and I said, "I really want to get that poor girl a sweater."  Mate, who had been making a concerted effort to keep his eyes at eye level and not even to drop them when he was looking at the menu because, dammit, these girls were as young as his daughter! Looked at me and nodded in distress. He really wanted them to have sweaters too. The poor things looked cold.

Anyway--as I explained on Twitter, there is a reason suburban families shouldn't go into Hooters or anything remotely resembling a Hooters, and let's leave it at that.

ZoomBoy is getting eaten by a shark, because he can. 
So... THAT'S a drive, and then we dropped my mom back and stopped at PinkBerry on the way home and then got home and it was time for ZB's dance. Mate was taking him and I told Mate I was going down for a nap and when I woke up I heard Chicken in the doorway and ZoomBoy and Mate too and I thought, "Oh God, did I get the date wrong today too?"

Turns out, Mate had fallen asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until after Chicken crawled in to nap with me.

So ZB missed dance, I got a short nap, and Mate went to pick up Big T anyway, because the climax of my Mother's Day was to go see the Fifth Element, which was in theaters for Wednesday and tonight only. We ate Del Taco on the way there, because in spite of getting a Crock Pot/Pressure Cooker duo from Amazon, I still don't magically have time to cook, but I enjoyed the movie.

And I have to say, I"m going to totally enjoy a nap tomorrow too.

A lot.

Because I have 2000 words to write tonight, and I'm telling y'all, I need a rest from my weekend of rest.

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